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Many of our students cite the Sixth Form as being “the best part” of their time here.

The Sixth Form at The Grove is a very special environment that bridges the gap between school and the outside world whilst being underpinned by the care and commitment that is the bedrock of Woodhouse Grove.

In fact, it is collaboration between staff and students that is at the heart of our Sixth Form community with each pupil’s unique potential being recognised, valued and nurtured to help them become the very best that they can be. Each student selects four subjects to study in the Lower Sixth and a timetable is then built around their choices. We also encourage them to seize the many activities on offer – academic, sporting and in the Arts and take the opportunity to “give back” to the wider community through one of our volunteering programmes. We believe that this well-rounded, diverse approach is key to building confidence – both academic and personal.

The Sixth Form is a time of transition.

The Sixth Form Pastoral staff have offices in the Common Room area and are so are always on hand to provide support and advice.

Sixth Form facilities include a spacious and comfortable common room with access to the ever popular “Woody’s Café”, an important port of call for nourishment during A Level revision!

We take care to balance guidance and support with independence within a nurturing environment. We are proud and thrilled to see our students leave Woodhouse Grove as confident, happy adults who are well-prepared both academically and emotionally to enter the world of University or Work as Old Grovians and true ambassadors for the school.

Students become increasingly responsible for planning their time to include independent study alongside their other activities.

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