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Woodhouse Grove’s holistic approach to education means that we are determined to offer a comprehensive range of co-curricular activities to run alongside our academic curriculum.

We encourage pupils to recognise the value of these activities as an integral part of their school life – hence they are co-curricular and not extra-curricular. We believe that any and every pupil should try and immerse themselves in the many opportunities available at Woodhouse Grove outside the classroom. Such activities not only have social, emotional, cultural and intellectual benefits but some encourage and develop a sense of competitiveness and fair play, whilst others stimulate creativity and imagination. Ultimately, we encourage participation, nurturing a pupil’s ability to co-operate, co-ordinate, and lead.

Co-curricular Programme Autumn Term 2022 – coming soon…

Parents will receive an email before the beginning of the autumn term asking you to sign up students to co-curricular activities through Evolve. This is so we can complete registers as to who is on the school site and who is partaking in co-curricular activities. 

An example of the summer programme is shown below.

Year 7 Co-curricular Programme Summer Term 2022


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