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    At Brontë House School we regularly assess children’s progress and carefully track their results to inform our teaching and to help us identify any issues such as specific learning difficulties. In addition to many informal tests, we use formal standardised tests to assess progress in maths, reading and writing.

    A summative assessment of children’s attainment in English and Mathematics is carried out in the Summer Term. These tests are marked externally and the results tracked over successive years. The table below shows the Average National Percentile Rank of pupils’ results in Years 1 to 6. A National Percentile Rank (NPR) indicates the performance of pupils relative to the national average. A NPR of 50 indicates performance at the national average. A higher NPR indicates performance above the national average. For example, a NPR of 70 would indicate that performance is in the top 30% of the national population. A NPR of 74 indicates performance in the top 26% nationally.


    Average NPR English
    Years 1-6
    (Summer Term)
    Average NPR Maths
    Years 1-6
    (Summer Term)
    2017 7473


    The progress made by individual pupils is shown below.  This compares the performance in the above tests of children who were in our school in Years 1 to 6 for two consecutive years. If, on average, children have made nationally expected progress, then the average National Percentile Rank would be expected to remain the same and so the change would be shown as “0”. If the children have made less than expected progress, then the change would be negative. Conversely, a positive score means that children in our school are progressing faster than the nationally expected rate of progress.

    Years Progress score in English Change in School Average NPR in English Progress score in Maths Change in School Average NPR in Maths
    2016-17 3.37 +7 3.36 +7
    2017-18 3.15 +3 3.54 +11
    2018-19 3.29 +6 3.63 +13


    Results of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

    Children in the Early Years are assessed using the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile.   There are 17 Early Learning Goals and at the end of the Reception Year the children’s achievement in relation to each of these goals is reported to parents and to the Local Authority. Children are said to have reached a “Good Level of Development (GLD)” if they have achieved at least the expected level within the following areas of learning: communication and language; physical development; personal, social and emotional development; literacy; and mathematics. The following table shows the percentage of children in our school who have achieved a “Good Level of Development”:

    YearsBronte House SchoolNational AverageLeeds Local Authority