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Every child deserves the best

Nursery provision can vary greatly. Often Nurseries can have a high staff turnaround, inexperienced staff and limited facilities. They are simply a place where children are looked after whilst parents are busy with other commitments.

At Ashdown Lodge, we have created a Nursery that is different from the rest. Somewhere where children enjoy flexible, teacher-led care in award winning grounds with exceptional facilities. And all at an incredibly competitive cost.

Every child deserves the best - and, when it comes to Nurseries, Ashdown Lodge really is hard to beat.

The first chapter is the most important part of the story

Nursery is the crucial introduction to a child’s educational journey – somewhere they can discover that they love learning.

It is their first foray into the complex world of friendships and social skills.

And perhaps most importantly, it is their first step away from their parents and into an independent world, where they can develop self confidence, resilience and empathy.

It is vital to get this first chapter right.

Ashdown Lodge - A Bright Beginning

Ashdown Lodge sits in the stunning grounds of Brontë House School. Our Nursery children certainly make use of the award-winning outdoor environment, enjoying Bushcraft activities in the woodland outdoor classroom, exploring our very own pirate ship and getting stuck in to our mud kitchen and purpose built water play!

Settling in

We understand that starting nursery can be a daunting time – for both children and parents! This is why we try to learn about each child before they arrive to provide an individually tailored settling in process. We want all our children to have a smooth transition into nursery life so that they can start having fun as soon as possible!

Stress free drop-off and pick-up

Our grounds include ample parking, making drop-off and pick-up easy and stress free. We know how important this is – especially if baby brothers and sisters are involved!


Flexible Family Focused Hours

Pre-Nursery and Nursery welcome children from the age of 2 and are open from 7.30am to 6pm with breakfast, lunch and tea provided, cooked in our on-site kitchen.

Ashdown Lodge is open 51 weeks of the year. Flexible options are available that allow parents not only to choose days and sessions and term time or all year round places.

What makes Ashdown Special?

One thing that sets us apart is our dedicated staff team.

At Ashdown, Nursery children are cared for by highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff, who truly love their job. We have an incredibly low staff turnover!

We offer teacher-led nursery provision and all Ashdown staff have a qualification of Level 3 or above. Each member of staff puts a huge amount of importance in getting to know each and every child as an individual – learning about all their little quirks  – so that they can offer children a tailored approach that brings out very best in them. We want them to meet their academic potential – but also to become wonderful little people, who value others and know what it means to be a kind and good friend.

Meet two of our team…

"The children at Ashdown are nurtured, happy, treated as individuals and most of all...themselves!"

Samantha Hargreaves - Senior Practitioner Pre-Nursery

I have worked at Ashdown for 2 years now, having always worked in childcare environments previous to this.

The best part of my job is having such a big impact on a child's early life and development - that feeling of satisfaction that you have made a difference. It’s amazing the things we see each day, from a child gaining confidence and building their initial relationships to the joy of their "wow" moments.

Every day, we ensure all our children feel happy and content in their environment. In our earliest room, that caters for children aged 2 years, we plan thoroughly to cater for each child, based on their individual needs and development.

My favourite time of the day is first thing in the morning when I see the children with their smiling faces, so excited to come in - and knowing that they are enjoying their time with us and thriving under our care.

"To any parent thing about Ashdown for their child, I would it! Trust our wonderful and highly qualified staff to take the most precious thing you have and watch them learn and blossom under our care. We will make sure your child is listened to, feels valued and is happy and confident in an environment where their individual needs are met.

Ali Hinchliffe - Assistant Head

I have worked at Ashdown Lodge since 1994, so a long time!

Without a doubt, my favourite thing about my job are the moments when a child has clearly learnt and used something that we have taught them. Sometimes we can actually see the realisation of something cross their face, or we catch them teaching another child and repeating what we have said. It's especially satisfying if it's something that they have struggled with in the past. It's the greatest feeling in the world.

I also like dinner time...the food is great!

Ashdown is different from other nurseries because of our history and being a valued part of a bigger school community. We not only offer high quality care and education but we offer peace of mind for parents and a continuity of care that goes all the way through to your child becoming 18, should you want it to. My own children are just completing their journey at the older end of the school and I do not regret a moment of time that they have spent here.

More than just a Nursery? Come and see for yourself…

We have a building full of happy, contented children who are a testament to what we do at Ashdown Lodge. Now our doors are open again to visitors, we would love to see you. Please click here to arrange a visit.

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