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The Grovian Way

Making each individual the best version of themselves they can be.

We believe that every child is an individual with their own unique personality, talents and skills; and it’s this individuality that we encourage to grow at all stages of their education.

A child’s potential could lie anywhere – so we ensure that every pupil is exposed to a huge array of opportunities and experiences. We then pride ourselves on identifying and honing their strengths to make the most of their natural abilities, while working hard to develop areas that need improvement. This approach sees each and every Grovian grow into the very best version of themselves they can be.



Taking the time to truly understand a child is the most important aspect of unlocking their potential.

With just 700 pupils in our senior school, getting to know them is easy and we learn how best to motivate and inspire each individual.

We believe that this level of insight is the only way to truly ensure we work to every pupil’s strengths.

The environment in which a child learns is just as important as what they learn.

We have worked hard to create a community where pupils can come together, where they are encouraged to flourish, where they feel comfortable, confident, stimulated and, most of all, happy.

Because we also offer boarding, school doesn’t finish at 4 o’clock and the friendships developed by our boarders bridge the gaps between different year and age groups; factors that serve to further strengthen the school’s community.

A full

We believe that unlocking the potential in every pupil is only possible when you provide them with a full and rounded education.

Of course, academia remains at the heart of that, but we never underestimate the importance of sports, music or the arts, and the incredible enrichment these subjects can bring to a child’s life and future.

  • Inquisitive and Curious
  • Enterprising and Resourceful
  • Kind and Generous
  • Honourable and Respectful
  • Committed and Resilient

Our approach to ensuring each child becomes a confident, well-rounded young adult isn’t exclusively founded on providing an excellent education. Our Grovian Values are the foundation for each pupil’s development and every child carries these forward for the rest of their life. We always encourage the individual to bring these values to life in their own unique and exciting way.

Confidence for a life beyond education

We believe instilling confidence in each individual child by providing an education that is full and diverse in an environment that is inspiring, where you are encouraged to excel and given the support to develop, is the only way to make them the very best version of themselves they can be.

This means that every pupil leaves Woodhouse Grove with the confidence and resilience to continue to succeed in their life beyond education.

The school has given me inspiration. It’s given me a confidence to learn things about social dynamics and social skills.


I really like caterpillars, because they eat leaves. I do like doing counting and painting.


More than anything I would say Woodhouse Grove has helped me develop as a human being.


Ultimately Woodhouse Grove has given me a second chance. At my old school, I used to get into trouble. Coming here has given me the opportunity to have a fresh start.


Life at Woodhouse Grove

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