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Welcome to the Old Grovians section of the website.

Joining Woodhouse Grove is best compared to joining an extended family that will offer companionship and support throughout life.

The strength of the bonds within our Old Grovian network is truly special and unique, with most Old Grovians keeping contact with the friends they made at Woodhouse Grove and the school itself, throughout their lives, the OGA office team have ongoing projects and use social media, Xaipete etc to spread the word to members but OG’s themselves are the most effective way of spreading the word.

We are always delighted to hear from Old Grovians.

This can be done easily be filling in the form on our stay in touch page. Please visit our reunions page to hear about events and functions that are organised for our alumni and sign up on our events page.

The Old Grovian Association (OGA) aims to encourage these friendships and the objectives of the association:

• To promote mutual acquaintances and former pupils interests in the school
• To assist the academic and recreations life of the school
• To further the interests and reputation of the school

The school appearing strong and prosperous owes much to the OGA and the many people who have served the school over the years. It needs support in many ways particularly from the younger generation who can contribute enormously from.
• Supporting functions
• Developing mutual interest (especially in business)
• Employment/work experience – The ‘Network’


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