I am Grovian

Making each individual the best version of themselves they can be.

We believe that every child is an individual with their own unique personality, talents and skills; and it’s this individuality that we encourage to grow at all stages of their education.

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I am the very best of me...

  • I am every teacher who has inspired me. I am every lesson that has opened my eyes. I am every maths problem I have solved.
  • I am every book that has captivated me. I am every science experiment that has surprised me. I am every sports tour that has motivated me.
  • I am every drama class that has transformed me. I am more than just academic. I am everything I want to be.
  • I am prepared. I am gracious and generous. I am resourceful and resilient.
  • I am ambitious and committed. I am understood. I am my unlocked potential.
  • I am an individual, yet I am part of something incredible.

I am Grovian.

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Contemporary boarding that provides a home-from-home atmosphere.

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Old Grovians

From 3 to 93, Grovians carry our values with them throughout the rest of their lives.

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16 Jan 2017

Comedy of Errors – Shakespeare in Schools

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12 Jan 2017

Staff Blog – Anna Kerr on the strengths of being Enterprising & Resourceful

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05 Jan 2017

Staff Blog – David Wood, Deputy Headmaster, on the value of being Kind & Generous

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